6×60 Boxpressed Maduro

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Introducing the 6×60 Boxpressed Maduro from Prisco Cigars, featuring the highly sought-after Mexico San Andres wrapper—recognized as one of the premier maduro wrappers in today’s cigar market. Prisco Maduro cigars offer an explosion of flavors, making them an ideal choice for enthusiasts seeking a remarkable smoking experience. With its top-quality wrapper, this cigar boasts enticing taste notes including dark cocoa, pepper, and hints of almond and wood. As you near the end, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by subtle hints of distinct sweetness, accompanied by a touch of black cherry. Maduro lovers simply cannot afford to miss out on this.

If you’re searching for a top-rated maduro cigar, look no further than the 6×60 Boxpressed Maduro Prisco Cigar. Our dedication to crafting premium cigars with superior ingredients and flavors has earned us a strong reputation among enthusiasts. Don’t hesitate—experience the allure of this remarkable cigar today and elevate your smoking enjoyment to new heights.

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4 reviews for 6×60 Boxpressed Maduro

  1. Randolph Vogel

    These cigars are great and very reasonably priced! Who needs a band? And Prisco is also great. I buy 3 bundles of 5 at a time and my orders are always processed and shipped promptly. The cigars arrive in great shape sealed with Bovida packs. Highly recommend

  2. paul neagle

    For a decade I smoked Schizo Asylum Maduro, but their prices kept going up. I needed to explore alternatives and after a browser search of 6X60 Maduro cigars I found myself on the Prisco web site and decided to give it a try. I ordered 3 bundles (75) cigars but my shipment was delayed due to the recent snow storm. When they did finally arrive I grabbed one and took my dog for a walk. The cigar was tasty, strong, and full of good smoke. I walked my dog later that day and had a similar good experience. I walk my dog 2 to 3 times a day and always have a cigar – a win win for me and my pup. I was pleased about the Prisco price as it was below what I last paid for my Asylum Maduro’s, and as a bonus – each bundle had 25 cigars – not the standard 20 – what a bonus. For the daily smoker these 6X60 box pressed Maduro cigars are a welcome treat…I will reorder again !!!

  3. paul neagle

    My order arrived yesterday. Packed really well with styrofoam peanuts. Included in my box was a Boveda humidity packet. Usually from other companies they just ship the cigars with out any added humidity aids. The cigars were then ready to smoke before I even put the cigars in my humidor. Again, the cigars were good. The box pressed sticks felt great between my fingers and smoked great. For everyday smokers, this 6X60 box pressed Maduro cigars are a great value.

  4. MarQue

    I am very satisfied with my orders from Prisco Cigars. The 6X60 box pressed Maduro cigars are a great value. It has become my favorite cigar for a relaxing evening on the patio.

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