Humidor Maintenance Guide:

  1. Rotate Your Cigars

Spend some time each month turning and rotating each cigar in your collection. Cigars at the bottom should go at the top, and the other way around. Turning and rotating the cigars will make sure each one is evenly exposed to the humidor’s humidity is uniform. The humidor is merely our attempt to make the little fellas as comfortable as possible before we smoke them. Keep in mind that your cigars originate from a tropical climate.

  1. Use Boveda Humidity Packs

If you allow your cigars to grow too dry, it will be difficult to restore them back to a smokable state. Maintaining a functional humidor over time is simpler than playing a never-ending game of catch up. NEVER fill your humidor with tap water. It contains contaminants that might clog up your system. The best and easiest option is to use humidity packets provided by Boveda. They add and remove humidity to perfection, and you don’t even break a sweat!

  1. Maintain a half-full humidor.

If you ever required a reason to purchase more cigars: here we are! For the humidity levels to stabilize, keep your humidor at least halfway full. As a result, the likelihood that your cigars may be excessively or inadequately humidified is significantly decreased. Getting the humidity levels to stabilize is one of the most challenging aspects of knowing the ins and outs of a desktop humidor. You’ll want to remain in that sweet spot once you’ve found it.

  1. Conduct tests each month

These two tests need to be performed on a regular basis (1-2 times a Month):

The first, also referred to as the dollar bill test, will check the seal of your humidor. It serves no purpose to attempt to get the proper humidity inside the box if the humidity is escaping through a leak caused by gaps in your humidor. To test this, we use the “Dollar Bill Method”:

    • Take a dollar bill Half in and half out, place the bill over the open edge of the humidor. Put the lid on. Pull for a dollar bill. If your seal is strong, pulling the bill out should encounter significant resistance. It’s time to buy a new humidor if the bill comes out easily.

The accuracy of your hydrometer will be evaluated in the second test. You must be certain that the information it is providing you is accurate. Although digital hydrometers are the most accurate, they too occasionally require correction. To test this, we use the “Salt Test”:

    • Place 1 tsp. of salt into a bottle cap or a little dish. Don’t make the mixture too moist; just add enough water to the salt to make a paste. After that, put your hydrometer and the salt solution inside a Ziploc bag. Allow it to sit all night. The humidity gauge should read 75%.
    • Simply calibrate your hydrometer to show a reading of 75% if it doesn’t already.
  1. Enjoy a Cigar

Inhale deeply and enjoy a cigar with your favorite drink – you’ve earned it. Behold your impressive cigar stash and pat yourself on the back. You’ve ensured that your cigars will remain properly humidified for the next month. All that is left is picking out which cigar to smoke (and which cigar to buy next!).