How to Cut a Salomon Cigar

Learn how to cut a Salomon cigar with Prisco Cigars’ expert guide.
Perfect cuts for optimal draws with our premium 5×58 Salomoncito and 7 1/8 x 57 Salomon cigars.

Cutting a Salomon cigar can seem intimidating for newcomers to the cigar world. The unique shape and size of Salomon cigars, including our popular 5×58 Salomoncito and the grand 7 1/8 x 57 Salomon, require a bit of finesse and understanding to ensure the best smoking experience. Here at Prisco Cigars, we want to guide you through this process and help you enjoy every puff of your premium cigar.

Understanding the Salomon Shape

Salomon cigars are known for their distinctive shape, with both ends tapering to a point. This unique form is not just for show; it affects how the cigar smokes and how it should be cut. The tapering head and foot of a Salomon cigar create a dynamic smoking experience, offering a slow, even burn that intensifies the flavors as you smoke.

Step-by-Step Guide to Cutting a Salomon Cigar

1. Examine the Cigar

Before cutting, take a moment to examine your Salomon cigar. Notice the tapered head (the end closest to the band) and the tapered foot. Sometimes, the foot might be closed, similar to the head, while other times it might have a slight opening.

2. Cutting the Head

At Prisco Cigars, we recommend using a V cut for the head of a Salomon cigar. The V cut creates a deep notch that exposes more surface area, enhancing the draw and intensifying the flavors. Here’s how you do it:

  • Hold the cigar gently in one hand, just below the head.
  • Position the V cutter at the center of the head.
  • Apply firm, even pressure to make a clean cut.

Be cautious not to cut too much off the head. A small, precise cut is sufficient to create an optimal draw.

3. Assessing the Foot

Next, turn your attention to the foot of the cigar. If the foot has a slight opening, it’s best to test the draw before lighting. Simply put the cigar to your lips and take a gentle draw. If the draw feels right, you’re ready to light up.

If the foot is closed, you’ll need to clip it. Use a straight cutter to remove a small portion of the foot, just enough to open it up and allow for a good draw. Avoid cutting too much, as you want to preserve the unique shape and smoking experience of the Salomon cigar.

4. Making Adjustments

After cutting both the head and the foot, take another test draw. If the draw feels tight, you might need to make minor adjustments. This could involve clipping a bit more from the foot. Remember, small adjustments can make a big difference.

Lighting the Salomon Cigar

Once your Salomon cigar is properly cut, it’s time to light it. Given the unique shape of the Salomon, lighting it requires patience and even technique:

  • Hold the cigar at a slight angle and rotate it to evenly toast the foot.
  • Use a long match or a butane lighter for an even burn.
  • Take slow, steady puffs to draw the flame onto the cigar and ensure an even light.

Why Prisco Cigars?

At Prisco Cigars, we take pride in offering a diverse selection of premium cigars, including our expertly crafted Salomon cigars. Whether you’re a seasoned aficionado or new to the cigar world, our collection is designed to cater to all preferences. Explore our range of Connecticut, Candela, Habano, and Maduro cigars to find your perfect match.

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